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Pet First Aid & Care

Knowing the life saving skills and techniques of pet first aid is a very important part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner.

This course will properly train pet owners in first aid and care and will include competent training in the identification and evaluation of the signs and symptoms a pet may develop and the appropriate actions to be taken for proper emergency medical treatment. Participants will learn pet CPR and rescue breathing, ABC's of Pet First Aid, how to help your pet in a medical emergency, 3 things you should do for your pet everyday, signs and symptoms of Senior "Pet-izens," what to do if your pet has a dental health problem, 5 simple things you should STOP doing today to keep your pet healthy, 2 quick ways to tell if your pet is overweight, 10 situations that require immediate veterinary care, and how to put together your pet first aid kit. In addition to course training, participants will also receive a pet first-aid handbook, Pet Emergency Sticker, course completion card and certificate.